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Alton alernator replaces the Miller or Lucas generator. We supply the Alton with a proven reliable Podtronics 12 volt regulator. This avoids potential voltage leakage from the battery when not in use. We have stocks available for both Vincent singles and twins.

Click here for a PDF file of Alton
instructions using Podtronics regulator.Alton using Podtronics Regulator

Rewiring a Miller Generator to run like Lucas genrator to use PODtronics regulator. Click Here

Multi-Plate clutches

Did you know that the multi-plate clutch is often a less expensive way to fix a worn Vincent clutch assembly. Our multi-plate clutch is made in England. If you need new plates for you multi-plate clutch we can supply replacement, original, Surflex plates. We also offer Barnett plates with two different clutch compounds available.

Is your multi-plate clutch grabby? We stock a replacement dished steel plate that will cure this problem. Ask for C1AS/S1.

BTH Magneto

Tired of a kicking your Vincent until you feel you are going to have a heart attack. Tired of that weak magneto. Treat yourself to a new BTH MK2 Vincent Electronic Magneto. Entire unit fits under a stock magneto cover. The BTH electronic magneto has built in electronic ignition advance. Get rid of that worn out mechanical autoadvance unit. It is no longer required.

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MET100 Rocker Arm Locking Feedbolt


January 2024
We have a new Web Store If you didn't get an email with a password call
1-800-451-5113 and we will set-up an web account.

January 2024
We have updated the PDF down load of the current list of parts. Items with a "M" prefix are made by Maughan & Sons.

We stock a large selection of hard to find Amal parts. We also stock Amal Monoblocs and Concentrics to fit Vincents.
Please inquire for availability and pricing.


Vokes Air Filter
PR226 for 1 1/8" Carbs. w/adaptor PR226/1 for 1 1/16" Carbs
PR226/H Replacement Filter

Maughan & Sons
We hold a very large inventory of high quality Maughan & Sons parts, including single and two-start oil pumps.

brake plates

New Brake Plates
Just in new manufacture brake plates H7/3S for Speedometer drive and H7/4S Standard.


Improve the action of your front brake with this balance beam support. Made to the quality standard you have come to expect from Maughan & Son. Ask for V3096

Maughan Flywheel

Mauhgan and Sons new flywheel assembly just back from Dave Dunbar who dynamically balanced it. It is one of four being prepared for a customer. David is also equipped to rebalance flywheels fitted with Carrilo rods using heavy metal.

Drop Outs

Save your rear frame section by replacing damaged drop outs.

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Black Shadow on display at the Barber Museum

We have a new Web Store
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Price List!

The PDF files are printable and searchable

New Stock of Fresh 300x20 Avon Ribbed Front Tires In Stock
Just Arrived!

Alton Comet Electric Start in Stock



CS-4035A $23.26
Aluminum Plate to mount PODtronics Regulator
to Generator Bracket


ET24/V Vincent Deep $46.44
ET24/H HRD Deep $42.25
ET24/1/V Vincent Shallow $46.44
ET24/1/H HRD Shallow $30.84
ET24/6 Breather Cap "D" Type $39.66


ET60/1 Twin Engine Sprocket
Modified to Accept Seal $160.57


Push Rod Tube Nut - 6 Slots $14.26 each


MET26/1 Rocker Bush Standard $38.37

MET26/1OS Rocker Bush Oversize $39.15 

MET26/2 Rocker Bush Long $52.16 (pictured)


ET33 Exhaust Valve GS Brand
Nitrited $42.65
ET34 Intake Valve GS Brand
Nitrited $42.65

oil pump

MOP30S Single Start Oil Pump $243.36
MOP31 Single Start Pump Worm $74.80
MOP30/2S Two Start Oil Pump $223.60
MOP31/2S Two Start Oil Pump Worm $81.4


HB12 Throttle Cable Splitter
All Brass $37.18

amal filter

FF1 Head Clip $202.58


FF3 Bottom Link with Bushes installed
and hone lined honed to size $561.33


MFF33AS Steering Stem with FF2 $297.00

Carrillo Rod

E6/CAR Carrillo Vincent rods are always in stock
$331.03 each (25 in Stock)

 E7/7C Carrillo Piston Std $222.00
E7/7C/2  +.020"  $222.00
E7/7C/4  +.040"  $220.00
MET3CAR Flywheels For Carrillo Rods  $957.00

brake plates

Vincent Rear Fender Hinges - Properly Polished
These are new production and look good!
FT145 Bracket Rear Flap $69.01  

FT145/1 Bracket Front portion of Fender $69.34



Maughan & Sons MET50AS
Large Idler $135.00


Maughan & Sons MET51AS
Shaft and Boss Assembly $61.65

Koken Sockets

We Stock a complete line of quality Japanese Koken brand BA and Whitworth 6 and 12 point sockets
in 3/8" and 1/2" drive. Professional grade!

Coventry has been supplying quality and value for Vincent owners for more than 40 years. We have the largest inventory of Vincent parts on this side of the Pond.

We are unique, in that we want you to call us so we can make sure that we can understand what you are looking for, offer a little personalized service and get the right part the first time.

Pick up the phone today and dial 1-800-451-5113. John, Tom or Susan Healy will be happy to quote availability and pricing.

If you want a list of the parts we carry you can down load a list in a PDF format. Be patient as it is rather big file.

Click here to down load a inventory price list

After down loading the PDF it can be printed. Use PDF FIND command to search list. Although not in the price list we also stock a Full line of Amal carburetors and spare parts. Please call for availability and pricing.

Prices are only valid at the time the PDF was created (September 2023). All parts subject to prior sale. Parts are priced on the day we receive the shipment and reflect the value of the UK Pound at that time. You can call
1-800-451-5113 or fax 1-508-946-1145 for current pricing and availability. We really like you to call, but if you really must you can also e-mail John:

Phone calls get priority, then faxes and e-mails recieve priority in that order. If you really want a part please pick-up the phone... we really like to talk to our customers!!!
If you are unable to call us our email is:
Fax # 1-508-946-1145
We get a lot of clever spam emails. So for a better chance to get a responce please put Vincent in the subject line.

A little advice needed?

If you have a technical question about your Vincent please give us a call. Often the answer is just a call away. Remember 1-800-451-5113 is the number we want you to call. We might not have the answer at the tip of our tongue, but we know a lot of Vincent people who might have the answer to your problem. We are happy to refer you to someone who might have a hard to find part, or the answer to your question.

Contact Information
1-800-451-5113 in USA

FAX 508-946-1145

Please put Vincent in the subject line

15 Abbey Lane Middleboro, MA 02346 USA