Ride Your Vincent Again!

Tired of Kicking?
Afraid to leave the driveway without your cell phone?

Maybe its time to invest in a new electronic ignition to replace that old tired Lucas magneto.



FM1C Magneto Kit - COMET
FM1CDUAL Magneto Kit - COMET Twin Plugged Head

FM2RV Magneto Kit - TWIN
FM2RVTP Magneto Kit - TWIN Twin Plugged Heads

BTH-COIL High Tension Coil
FMBRKT Coil Mounting Bracket
FMCAP BTH Spark Plug Cap
FMALLEN BTH Allen Screw Driver
FMPIN BTH Timing Pin
Click Here to Download Instructions (PDF)


BTHKIT Magneto Drive Kit - Replaces Auto-Advance

ET48 Magneto Gear (undersizes available)
ET223/1 Adaptor to Mount Gear to Magneto Shaft
ET222/1 Outer Plate (shown)
ME54 Nut Magneto
V1021 Tab Washer (4 used)
V617 Bolt (4 used)

Not shown:
ET222 replaces ET222/1 to Drive Tachometer